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Despite what the title of this post suggests you won’t find sensationalized journalism in here. We have that in spades in video game industry and there’s no point of adding more.

Instead, I invite you to have a few laughs by taking a deep dive into the bottomless ocean of pain of your average video game localizer.

If this sounds a bit mysterious, here’s a simpler explanation:

My colleague Marc and I have started a GIF battle on the Eve of Christmas Eve that lasted all the way into the New Year.

The rules were simple: one joke about video game localization + one GIF from The Office that would serve as a punchline.

If you work in video game localization, you’ll probably relate to at least some of them. And if you’re a developer, well, maybe you’ll learn a few things about our problems and, who knows, perhaps you’ll make our lives a bit easier next time you interact with your localization team. 😉

Have a look at this tweet, that collected all our jokes in one place (you’ll have to scroll up as Twitter messed up the replies a bit, so I had to post the last tweet instead of the first one).


Like I said, we were at it for more than a week (I think), posting dozens of jokes.

My top 10 can be found below!

Enjoy! 🙂


Dmitry Kornyukhov

Entrepreneur. English-Russian Translator. Video game localization specialist. Helping small and medium-sized businesses go global. Loving every minute of it.


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