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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. I hope you’ll find them useful!

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Q&A with My Lovely Customers


Q: Hey Dmitry! How much do you charge? Thanks! ~ Mindy

A: Hey Mindy! Thank you for your question! Every project is different and there are lots of factors that affect the final cost: the subject matter of your documents, your deadlines, the format of your files, etc. Your best bet is to send me your files and I’ll prepare a free no obligation estimate for you.


Q: Hey Dmitry! You mention somewhere on your site that you have a team of translators that can translate into 20+ languages. Is that so? ~ Adam

A: Yep, you’ve read it right, Adam. Although, Russian is my specialty, my clients often need more than one language. That’s why I partnered up with dozens of translators and we work together as a team that will help you localize your game into as many languages as you like. All you have to do is ask. 😉

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here’s a rate sheet for other language pairs. Enjoy!


Q: Hey Dmitry! Mindy here again. Do you offer interpreting services? I need someone to translate at my conference.

A: Hey Mindy! Nice to hear from you again. No, I’m afraid I only focus on translation (working with the written documents) and don’t interpret at events or conferences. But why don’t you get in touch and I’ll do my best to recommend someone to you. Thanks!


Q: Hey Dmitry! Do you work exclusively in video game localization? Cheers! ~ Andrew

A: Hey Andrew! Not quite. I can help you localize your app or website. I also enjoy translating marketing and IT-related texts, but video games are my major field of expertise. 


Q: Hey Dmitry! How fast can you translate my document? ~ Zhenya

A: Hey Zhenya! Nice to e-meet you! Well, it depends on the document, the formatting, the volume and many other things. How about you complete this form and I’ll send you my free, no obligation estimate?


Q: Hey Dmitry! What’s included in your price? ~ Kevin

A: Hey Kevin! Great question! My services include translation, proofreading, some basic formatting and quality assurance.


Q: Hey Dmitry! What are your payment terms? How can I pay for your services? Thanks! ~ Michael

A: Hi Michael! Once you’ve submitted your project for review, I will create my estimate. You’ll be able to view it online and leave comments. Once you approve your estimate, I’ll send you an invoice that you will be able to pay online via a secure link. Once you make a payment I’ll start working on your project right away. You’ll have an access to your private dashboard where you’ll be able to view all of your estimates and invoices. Once you’re files are ready, I’ll send them over to you via email. If you’re ready to get started, simply complete this form.

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