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Why writing is so scary…

Because people will read it.

No, seriously, every single piece of content that we put out there will sooner or later find its reader.

And frankly that’s not the scary part.

The scary part is what happens after that.

Every single person who creates something is secretly hoping for approval from their audience.

Of course, they can tell everyone they don’t care. That they’re doing it for themselves and wouldn’t care if anyone reads it or not.

But that’s just not true because you can’t create without caring.

It’s the caring part that helps creators move forward.

I care about this blog’s readers. That’s why I write something new every week.

I care about the community behind The Open Mic and that’s why I’m constantly trying to improve it, investing time and money to do so.

Caring is what drives all the makers in this world.

And of course writers care what people think or feel after they’ve read their work.

Because there’s unpredictability involved.

Will people love it or hate it?

Will they make fun of you or praise you?

Will they try and dissect your writing and find contradictions so they can point them out?

Those fears and uncertainties stop many writers right in their tracks.

Many people don’t dare move past those first sentences because of the unpredictability of readers’ behavior.

But the truth is… they’re not that unpredictable.

This is what you’ll discover with practice.

You’ll find that people will love you or hate you.

People will praise you or bash you.

Or sometimes, you’ll find that no one will care at all, and that’s a good thing because that means you can try something new.

And this will happen each and every time you write something.

Love. Hate. Indifference.

You just have to accept all three of them into your life.

Once you do, I promise you, moving past those first sentences won’t be a problem anymore.

~ D.K. (proofread by J.T.)

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