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Why I choose to focus on my strengths

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Why I choose to focus on my strengths…

Self-doubt is for suckers.

It follows you around, nagging you, telling you what you can and can’t do.

It whispers nonsense in your ear when you’re trying to make an important business decision.

It gets in the way of you realizing your full potential.

I don’t know why self-doubt does that. Maybe it’s bored. That could be a legit reason. Or maybe there’s something to learn from it.

But the fact is: it craves your attention.

And people normally deal with self-doubt in two ways: they give in or they face up to their fears.

And strangely enough, sometimes you lose either way.

Even when you choose to put up a fight and confront your self-doubt.

Because you’re fighting your own DNA.

Self-doubt is part of who we are. It’s branded on our brains from the very first moment we start exploring the world.

And no matter how hard we try, we’ll never be able to erase it completely from our identity.

Sure, we can silence it temporarily, but at what cost? Spending thousands of hours, convincing ourselves that we’re better than we think? That we deserve more?

We can definitely try and do that or we can shift our focus to something else entirely.

Something that can shape the direction of our lives and businesses.

Something that can help us make a difference.

And that something is our strengths.

We all have them. Just like we all have self-doubt.

And just like with self-doubt, our strengths require our undivided attention.

Without attention, we can’t develop our strengths – we can’t achieve meaningful results.

So instead of spending your evening arguing with your self-doubt, why not spend some time focusing on your strengths?

Of course, it requires a better understanding of yourself, but you can always start with something smaller.

Like paying attention.

Pay special attention when you enjoy doing something. Notice when other people compliment you for something you’ve done.

These are the things you’re good at.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity, try paying attention to your strengths instead, because they’re the way to earn the trust and respect of people around you.

~ D.K.  (proofread by J.T.)

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