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Oh, hai!

You’ve discovered my Now page! Good for you!

Here I share frequent status updates and talk about all the things that I’m currently working on.

The idea for this Now Page has been inspired by this project.

Ok, here we go!

I’m currently working on:

1) Being the number one dad for my little son Daniel, the loyal and supportive husband for my wife Evgenia and caring and attentive owner for my cat Mindy.

2) My translation business. This is my main line of income. I just finished re-designing my site after moving to a new domain. Looks pretty cool, eh?

3) The Open Mic – this is a blogging community and a social network where translators can create profiles and where clients can find professional translators.

4) Translators On Air – I host free weekly webinars where my friend and colleague Elena Tereschenkova and I interview interesting people of our profession.

5) Localization MattersEleonora Angelici and I came up with a great idea for localization-focused interviews. We invite startups like Todoist, Invoice2go and Ulysses share their localization journey with us. We talk about money, mistakes, things they’ve learnt and the results of their localization strategy.

6) The Open Mic’s Forum – I also manage a forum for freelance translators. Lots of fun conversations happening there. Check it out!

My favorite tweet at the moment:

My favorite movie at the moment:

Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

Awesome story, great, compelling characters and an amazing acting. What else do you need?

TV-shows I love at the moment:

1) Game of thrones, duh!

2) Stranger things, obviously!

3) Re-watching Friends (because it’s comedy gold).

4) Crazy ex-girlfriend (hey! it’s a musical that has stellar cast AND the show is actually about mental health problems – very bold!)

5) Last man on Earth (Will Forte is VERY funny!)

last man on earth flamethrower

6) Jane the virgin (what? a man needs his telenovelas!)

What’s on the roadmap for me?

Hey! 2018 is here and it’s pretty exciting!

Most of my time, of course, will be devoted to my family and my newborn son, but I also plan to continue growing my video game localization business.

The goal is to keep working hard to make my existing and future clients happy with the highest level of quality of my translations.

I also plan to blog a bit more about video game localization this year.

Got myself a list of article idea and all! ✍️

Now all I need is time!

As far as The Open Mic goes – there’s a standalone e-learning platform in the works.

This platform is designed specifically for translation industry and will allow to connect students and instructors who want to create and sell courses online.

I’m also working on a super intelligent bot that would allow translation clients post their translation jobs on The Open Mic and find translators.

This is pretty much it!

If anything changes or if I have more news, I’ll update this page.

Thanks for reading, friend!

This page was last updated on January 24, 2018