Feeling Like Your Freelance Career Could Use A Little Boost?

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You’re a pretty good translator.

Don’t doubt it for a minute.

I know you are.

And you’re pretty smart too.

Choosing the fastest growing industry was a very smart move. So kudos to you.

But is “being good” enough?

Will your mad translation skills make you a successful translator? Is this the most crucial factor in our freelance career?

Some people would say “yes” and they will be absolutely right.

But it’s not always true.

I’ve seen a lot of skillful people who don’t realize their full potential.

Just like I’ve seen a lot of people with the following mindset: “I’ll just work hard, keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully something is going to change one day”.

I hate to disappoint you but in ain’t gonna happen.

And I know that you probably disagree with me. I know that you can think of hundreds of examples where hard-working people were able to get the recognition they deserved.

But if you take a closer look at their stories, you’ll realize that there is one very important detail:

Successful People Invest In Themselves

Hard work alone won’t change your freelance career. You have to invest in yourself.

Expand your knowledge.

Utilize all of the available options.

Read blogs and books, watch videos or webinars, take a course if you like.

Don’t just focus on translation. Explore other areas of interest.

If you’ll look at the successful people of this industry you’ll realize that they’re much more than just translators.

They’re marketers, web developers, designers, writers, educators.

They’re not afraid to embrace their creativity.

They try different approaches.

They’re not afraid to fail. They’re not afraid of criticism. And you should follow their suite.

Don’t treat your freelance career as a job.

Because it’s not.

It’s a business, it’s a passion, it’s a lifestyle, but it’s not a job.

[bctt tweet=”Translation is not just about the money. It’s about loving what you do and leaving your mark.”]

Nurture your mind.

Be open-minded.

Engage into conversation with people who disagree with you.

Because that’s how you find the truth.

Don’t lock yourself up inside your head.

There are so many great things that you could do.

Help other people, inspire them, be good.

You’ll be surprised how lending a helping hand to a colleague who is in trouble or needs your advice could change your own life and turn your freelance career around.

Don’t just stop at “I’m a good translator” point. Be a good person and a life-long learner.

Be curious.

Go to the places where other translators would never think of going.

Try new technology and methodologies. Never be afraid of experimenting.

But more importantly:

[bctt tweet=”Never give up and never listen to nay-sayers.”]

Have faith and invest in yourself.

This is the only secret sauce of every successful freelance translator.

Do you agree?

Dmitry Kornyukhov

Entrepreneur. English-Russian Translator. Video game localization specialist. Helping small and medium-sized businesses go global. Loving every minute of it.


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